NSW Government picks UXC Keystone and ServiceNow for GovDC Marketplace

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The NSW Government's GovDC Marketplace for ICT procurement will use ServiceNow's Service Catalogue and UXC Keystone's KeySite CMS. 

GovDC Marketplace will provide NSW government agencies with a single place for ICT inquiries and procurement.

The CMS aspects of the site will be handled by UXC Keystone's KeySite, while the vendor services catalogue will be based on ServiceNow's Service Catalog, allowing approved vendors to manage their own catalogue entries.

Agencies will also benefit from GovDC Marketplace's ability to able to track and report on service requests, and to provide a history of interactions between agencies and vendors.

"To improve service quality, all government agencies are required to migrate to GovDC by August, 2017. This consolidation will mean a significant reduction in ICT service costs, and the GovDC Marketplace will connect agencies and suppliers in a way never before possible," said NSW department of finance, services and innovation executive director of government technology platforms, Pedro Harris. "The ServiceNow platform has provided us with a solution that allows us to facilitate a connection between agencies and vendors to provide a secure service delivery portal in a way that offers best value for taxpayers' money."

GovDC Marketplace builds on the NSW government's GovDC project that has already seen the consolidation of 130 data centres into two, and the adoption of the ICT-as-a-Service concept. Agencies can purchase already approved services through GovDC Marketplace knowing that issues such as security, technical standards, procurement policies and data sovereignty have already been addressed.

"This project really exemplifies the versatility of the ServiceNow platform and the speed at which our solution can be implemented across a complex, multi-tenant environment," said ServiceNow ANZ managing director David Oakley.
UXC Keystone business development manager Joss Keep said "It's been a pleasure to work with an innovative Government department, with an appetite to embrace technology and the ambition to transform the way all of NSW government procures and consumes approved ICT services across GovDC Marketplace."
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